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Your Safety Net in the Storm:
Expert Care in Critical Moments


The Emergency Care unit of Caritas Hospital offers comprehensive care for all medical emergencies, 24/7. The Unit has a dedicated team of Emergency physicians and expert doctors from all major specialties.

They are always ready to provide fast-track medical, interventional or surgical treatment to patients. The Emergency physicians are highly specialized and experienced in providing treatment for injuries or illnesses that demand immediate treatment.

With the support of state-of-the-art technology, they ensure immediate and effective medical care in the most efficient manner.

Treatment and Procedures

Caritas heart hospital can be broadly divided into the non-invasive, interventional division of cardiovascular and thoracic Surgery and the heart transplant program. All these cardiovascular units are fully equipped with the best cardiologists to conduct a wide range of cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries under one roof. Our cardiac surgeons have proven expertise in performing complex medical procedures such as heart failure surgery, heart transplantation, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve replacement surgery, pediatric cardiac surgeons to treat congenital heart defects in children and others.

  • 24/7 Emergency care - medical / surgical/ interventional
  • Emergency Physicians trained and highly specialized in management of emergencies
  • Adult ER
  • Pediatric ER
  • Dedicated trauma / accident care unit
  • Poly-trauma care
  • Hyper acute stroke clinic
  • Rapid access chest pain clinic
  • Dedicated radiology suite for fast-tracking diagnosis 
  • Emergency ICU care 
  • Infectious diseases screening area 
  • Decontamination room 
  • ICU ambulances services 
  • Other integrated emergency services

The Emergency Care unit of Caritas Hospital provides 24/7 care for all cardiac emergencies. This includes medical, surgical and interventional care for both adult and child patients.

Caritas Emergency Care offers 24/7 trauma care services for the management of trauma / accidents / serious injuries, including poly-trauma (injury to multiple parts or organs of the body).

Caritas Hospital has one of the most advanced facilities for the management of paediatric emergencies. The team of Paediatric Intensive Care experts in Caritas Hospital is internationally trained in paediatric and neonatal retrieval and transport, including aero medical transfer.

Intensive Care Units (ICU) at Caritas Hospital provide efficient, dedicated and high quality care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach. Equipped with a state-of-the-art clinical support system, Caritas ICUs are manned by trained doctors, intensivists and ancillary staff. They can handle patients with serious medical complications such as complex comorbid conditions ranging from sepsis to pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and multi-organ failure. The ICUs also have a full-fledged medical team for infection control to ensure protection of patients from infections, especially in the context of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ spreading fast.

Caritas Hospital also has specialized ICUs including Cardiology ICUs, Cardiovascular Thoracic ICUs, Surgical ICUs, Medical ICUs, Neuro ICUs, Transplant ICUs, Paediatric ICUs, Neonatal ICUs Emergency ICUs, all of which are operational 24/7.

Dedicated Team of Doctors

At Caritas, our dedicated team of experienced doctors is committed to your well-being. With a wealth of medical expertise and a passion for compassionate care, our physicians are here to provide you with top-notch healthcare services.



Emergency Medicine & Trauma Care
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Dr. Ajith Venugopalan

COO & Group Head (EM & TC)


Doctor img

Dr. Vivek R

Senior Consultant - Emergency Medicine


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Dr. Minnu Thomas

Consultant - Emergency Medicine


Doctor img

Dr. Boney Mathew Koshy

Specialist - Emergency Medicine


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Dr. Arun Das P

Specialist- Emergency Medicine


Doctor img

Dr. Sisira Sunil

Specialist- Emergency Medicine


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Dr. Athira Krishnan

Specialist- Emergency Medicine