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Step into the world of good health and happiness.

Welcome to Caritas Hospital, Kottayam, the towering lighthouse of good health and healing in Central Kerala. As modern medical science has turned the dread associated with illnesses a thing of past, Caritas stays committed to leading hundreds of our patients to the light of good health and happiness.

‘Kenotic love saves life’ is our motto and we are guided by the spirit of Lord Jesus Christ, who wanted every human being to enjoy the fullness of joy and abundance of life. Our services are centered on holistic care that sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities.

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It All Began in Good Faith to Provide Good Care So That Everyone Could
Lead a Good Life Graced with Good Health and Happiness. It Still Continues…

Our story began when the people and places across Central Kerala lacked quality care in the late 50s and early 60s. Access and affordability to good care remained a distant dream. Our visionary - Mar Thomas Tharayil, the then Bishop of Kottayam, established Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences in 1962 against all financial odds, breathing hope into many lives. Initiated as a 50-bedded hospital, it mainly undertook maternity care and snake bite management. An incredible journey of 60 years down the care lane won the hospital the title of one of the best healthcare service providers in Kerala.

The onset of Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences was a revolution in the healthcare segment, which paved the way for actualising the dream called a healthy and happy community. The hospital underwent development and progress throughout the six decades and transformed into a world-class healthcare establishment - where the best medical care practices are acquired, mastered and practised. The organisation continues to provide best-in-class service, upholding the motto ‘Kenotic Love Saves Life’ that inspires each Caritasian to share the goal of providing comprehensive patient care and spreading the radiance of good health & happiness to all.

Caritas School of Nursing was established in 1965 to meet the manpower requirements of Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences, besides contributing many well-versed hands of care to the healthcare community across the globe.

A loyal community is the strength of Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences, and the hospital has never receded from giving back to its people who always stood with it. The goodwill and appreciation of the people contributed to the hospital’s growth and evolution.

The relentless efforts and support of priests, sisters, parishioners of Knanaya Catholic Archdiocese of Kottayam and commoners across all casts and religions are worthy of praise. Today, patients across Kerala seek care at Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences.

‘People First’ is the guiding principle of the hospital. It evolved with the evolving needs of the society. A hospital that started with a few basic departments broadened its services to meet the challenging healthcare demands of the public. It is the last resort for many in distress. Care and healing at Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences is a secular phenomenon that ensures equal medical attention for people from all religions and communities. The hospital also provides services and medicines at a subsidised rate for the needy.

Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences is the first healthcare provider in Kerala among the public and private sectors to offer dialysis services. It is the first hospital to implement minimum wages for staff and the first healthcare provider to set up COVID Control Network in Kerala. It is the first centre to perform the maximum number of general surgery cases in Kerala. It has one of the best critical care departments across healthcare providers in Kerala. The hospital boasts an adept team of doctors, nursing staff and support staff. It equips sophisticated medical technologies to enable clinical precision at all points of care.

Caritas Hospital & Institute of Health Sciences, administered by Caritas Hospital Trust, is the Cradle of Good Health & Happiness of Knanaya Catholic Archdiocese of Kottayam.

Our Vision

Extend the healing ministry and compassionate love of Jesus.


Our Mission
  • To provide humanizing care, considering the dignity of the person and needs of the society.
  • To strive for total healing of a person.
  • To ensure competence, quality and cost-effectiveness in healthcare services.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with government and NGOs.
  • To make healthcare accessible to all in accordance with the teaching of Catholic Church.
  • To observe all ethical norms according to professional ethics and just laws of the country


Our Motto

Kenotic love saves life

Organisation Values

  • Focus on Patient and Patient Care.
  • To provide quality, compassionate and affordable care.
  • Treating all people with respect and dignity.
  • Acting always with utmost integrity.
  • Creating value for the society we live in.
  • Service with Empathy and Compassion.
  • Teamwork Partnering for success.