Caritas Hospital

Dr. Suresh Bhat T

Senior Consultant Urologist

One of the most respected Urologists and Transplant Surgeons in Central Travancore, Dr. Suresh Bhat is having more than 31 years of experience in all fields of Urological and Andrological procedures in adults. He has special interests in Renal Transplantation. As renowned uro-surgeon, academician, research guide, Dr. Suresh Bhat worked with one of the meritorious public institutions in Kerala for over a period of three decades, before joining with Caritas. He is the retired professor and head, Dept of Urology Medical College, Kottayam.


PGDMLE (NLSIU) National law school, Bangalore in 2011

DNB (urology) from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi in 2000

MCh (Urology) under M.G. University, Kottayam in 1990

MS (General Surgery) from Calicut medical College in 1987

MBBS from Calicut medical College in 1983 Retired Professor and Head, dept of Urology Medical College, Kottayam

Ex-Dean & former faculty of modern medicine, MG University, Kottayam

Ex Member, Indian Journal Urology editorial board

Nodal officer, Institutional Research Committee, Medical College, Kottayam


Principles of Nephrology and Urology

Editors: Prof. R. Kasivisweswaran

Prof. M.S. Rao.

Prof. V.N.Sakuja

Prof. V.N.Acharya

Dr. Suresh Bhat.

Publishers : B.I.Churchil Livingstone New Delhi

Chapter on Genitourinary TB to text books

Asian Pacific nephrology :edited by Dr Anil K MAndal ,USA


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Was the committee member ASUCON-1998 at Kottayam.

Life time member, Urological Society of India

Life time member, Urology Association of Kerala

He is proficient in Malayalam, English & Malayalam