Caritas Hospital

Dr. Sreenidhi. Sediguli


Professional Qualification

MBBS, DNB(Radiology)

Achievements and Expertise

Consultant radiologist experienced in conducting routine ultrasounds and ultrasound guided interventions

(FNAC / biopsy, tapping, hydrostatic reduction of intussusception, removal

of obstructed foley’s catheter, guiding central line and percutaneous

nephrostomy) ,Obstetric ultrasounds – anomaly scan, Doppler study, CT colonography, virtualcolonoscopy, CT cisternography, CT angiography. 

Experienced in interpreting advanced imaging techniques – CT / MRI

cerebral perfusion, CT/MRI cardiac imaging, MRI diffusion tensor imaging,

MRI shoulder arthrography, PET-CT.

Has attended several state and national conference