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Dr. Ribekha Zachariah

Consultant Microbiologist

Dr, Ribekha Zachariah is Clinical Microbiologist with more than 7 years of experience and comprehensive training in the management of hospital infection and infectious diseases. Her areas of special interests are bacteriology and infection control.


Professional Qualification

Certificate Course in Hospital Infection and Control (Care Hospital - Hyderabad)

MD in Microbiology (SVS Medical College, Telengana)

MBBS (Tirubuvan University)


Achievements and Expertise

Trained in IIFT testing and interpretation of Autoimmune Disease Patterns

Trained in quality management system and internal audit in medical laboratories as per ISO 15189

3 years of teaching experience in Microbiology

Worked as a Senior Resident/ Lecturer in Department of Microbiology, Govt Medical College, Kottayam

Worked as a Senior Resident/ Lecturer in Department of Microbiology, SVS Medical College, Telengana

Published paper on Phenotypic characterization of macrolide and lincosamide resistance patterns in clinical isolates of staphylococci .Journal of Dr.NTR University of Health Science 2016;5(3) 187-191

Published paper on BACTERIOLOGICAL PROFILE OF BOTH AEROBIC AND ANAEROBIC ORGANISMS FROM DEEP SEATED ABSCESS.Journal of Evolution of Med and Dental Science.Vol4, issue 57/2015


She is proficient in Malayalam, English, Tamil & Hindi.

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