Caritas Hospital

Dr. Jwalita J. Thayil

Consultant Anaesthesiologist

A Consultant Anaesthesiologist with specialised training in Labour Analgesia. Dr Jwalita J. Thayil is an Expertise in delivering safe and appropriate pre-operative medications and accurately-computed Anaesthetic agents for patients who will undergo Surgery. She has proficiency in Ultra Sound guided safe techniques in pain management for Surgery patients and critically ill patients and also familiar with the newest Anaesthetic or pain management procedures.


Professional Qualification

DNB Anaesthesiology from Lourdes Hospital,Kochi in 2019

Diploma in Anaesthesiolgy from Kottayam Medical College, under M.G University in 2011

Internship from Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur University, Kerala, India in 2006

MBBS from Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur University, Kerala, India in 2004


Achievements and Expertise

Worked as Provisional Lecturer in Anaesthesiology, Kottayam Medical College, Kerala, India

Worked as Junior Resident, Dept. of Medicine, St: James Hospital, Chalakkudy, Kerala

Junior Resident Christuraj Hospital, Kuthuparamba, Kannur, Kerala, India 2005-2006

Annually updated with the newest trends and innovations in Anaesthesiology and pain treatment


She is proficient in Malayalam, English & Hindi.