General Medicine


This Department covers all medical problems and functions in close cooperation with other specialty departments, ensuring a well-coordinated healthcare approach. The special focus of the Department is preventive healthcare. The Department is considered as the backbone of the hospital and has the largest number of beds in the hospital.

Services offered

  • Evaluation and management of medical emergencies
  • Evaluation and management of snake bite cases
  • Evaluation and management of multisystem diseases
  • Critical care, ICU care and ventilator care
  • Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders etc.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases
  • Prophylactic vaccination for adults

Our Dedicated Doctors Team.

Dr. Manoj T. Koshy
Consultant Physician
Dr. Sojan K. Scaria
Senior Consultant Physician
Dr. John Joseph
Consultant Physician
Dr. Krishna Kumar M
Consultant Physician
Dr. Presoon Kuruvilla
Consultant Physician
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